Open Houses

Open House Tour

In the morning, we will introduce you to CSC and Stelle: our history, where we are now, and our goals for the future. We’ll take you on a walking tour and show you some of the functioning examples of sustainable living in our community.

For those who are interested and can stay, after lunch we will introduce you in greater detail to the CSC land design project. We will explain why we’ve included the following elements in the finished design.

  • AgrariaSwales
  • Linear food forests
  • Chinampas
  • Earth-Camp Village (cabins made from the soil beneath our feet)
  • Multiple gardening techniques
  • Use of small livestock

The detailed information on each of these elements can be found on the Midwest Permaculture website.

 Click here to view details of our past workshops

Example Open House Schedule:

10:00  Introductory Talk on Stelle & CSC
11:00  Tour of Community
12:30   Lunch ($10 donation includes the morning walk & talk)
1:30-3:30  Afternoon Seminar on CSC Permaculture Land Design (includes        walking the land with those implementing the project)

Suggested $15 donation for Afternoon Seminar

Space can be limited so please email if you intend to join us! Thanks.
Contact us at:

  • Email:
  • Phone:  815-256-2204  (Our rural phone service is not fully reliable – the best way to ensure contact is through email) 

For a map and directions to Stelle, click here

Click here to learn more about Stelle, Illinois.

CSC Open House Tour of Midwest Permaculture’s Yard