Stelle, ILlinois


Stelle was founded in 1973 as a private community and has since evolved into a progressive homeowners association dedicated to holistic, sustainable living. 

Today, Stelle’s one-hundred residents have manifested their shared values by incorporating renewable energy, permaculture food production, and inclusive community programming into their homes and lives.


Life in Stelle

Ever wondered what it’s like to live among friends with a shared intention of connecting community and earth? Get a taste for daily life in Stelle below. 


home Design

Homes in Stelle benefit from passive solar designs, active photovoltaic hardware, or both.

Communication Infrastructure

Cooperative solar-powered telephone mutual provides phone, cable TV, and wireless internet to all residents.

Renewable Energy

Stelle's water plant receives a portion of its electricity from wind energy.

Food production

Residents grow food in their own gardens and benefit from CSC's cooperative community garden.

Stay With Us

Cozy Earth Shelter constructed from natural building materials. Located in a scenic, remote location on CSC’s permaculture demonstration farm. 

Private room

Remote cabin located on CSC land

SLeeps 2 guests

Twin size trundle bed

Moldering toilet

Converted composting portable toilet located on site

Fire pit and grill

Outdoor recreational space


For any inquiries please contact us


Phone: (815) 256-2204