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All workshops are held in Stelle, IL and include a local, organic lunch. Price is $40 per person (unless stated otherwise). For registration, contact us: (815) 256-2204,, or facebook. 


Saturday, January 25th

Burns Night Fundraiser

We are hosting our 2nd annual Burns Night fundraising dinner at the Stelle Community Center. Kasandra Ireland will be leading guests through a night of fun celebrating the life of poet Robert Burns with poetry readings, traditional Scottish cuisine, music, and of course, whiskey! 

Price is $25 per person and includes dinner and a dram of whiskey. Drinks will be available for purchase throughout the night. RSVP on our Facebook event or contact us directly via email or phone. or (815) 256-2202

Check back here next spring for our 2020 event schedule!

Past Events

Take a look back at some of our previous workshops!

Day of Mindfulness and Qigong

Participants enjoyed a restorative day of strengthening and mindful qigong practice. Ruth Kamen, a Stelle resident, lead the group through beginner qigong movements and meditations to nourish both the body and the mind. She also incorporated educational materials to fortify each lesson.  Students left feeling rejuvenated and centered. Thanks, Ruth!

Fall Harvest Festival

Our Harvest Festival was a huge success! We saw many new and familiar faces and had a day full of fun, laughter, and community. Children got to spend lots of time in the craft room making ghost leaves and monster rocks as well as decorating picture frames with natural materials like sticks, leaves, and pine needles. There was also pumpkin painting, cookie decorating, bread making, traditional stone soup, a raffle, and a bazaar. There was no shortage of things to do and it all came together and created a special event. Thank you to our volunteers and everyone who came out to join us! Stay connected to learn about more events like this. 

Introduction to Permaculture with Bill and Becky Wilson

Students learned the basics of permaculture and toured the yard of Bill and Becky Wilson of Midwest Permaculture who transformed their everyday grass lawn into a permaculture oasis. They discussed the guiding principles and ethics of permaculture and how to incorporate them into their lives and ways of thinking. 

Preserving the Harvest

Students were taken through the various steps of preserving the harvest with drying, canning, and fermenting on the agenda. Peg Homeier, a CSC board member, re-purposed her old cabinets into a canning kitchen in her garage and opened it up for students to gain hands-on experience. During the workshop, we processed apples for applesauce, pounded cabbage for sauerkraut, and ground dried tomatoes to make “tomato powder”. Participants also took home “goodie” bags full of various canned goods made in Stelle this season. 

Soil Health with Bill Wilson

During this workshop students helped build a three-bin composting system in our community gardens and built a “lasagna” bed to prepare our garden for next season. After a light lunch, Bill Wilson talked about the importance of building healthy soil and how to increase the genetic potential of plants in the process. Students also got to tour the CSC land and snack on fresh berries along the way. 

Natural Connections

With no shade, it was too hot to use the labyrinth so Ruth lead participants in a wonderful Qi Gong meditation and exercise inside. After a delicious lunch, Kasandra lead us in an awareness meditation and then a perspective exercise to help them focus on the natural world around us as we sat in the shade of a lovely cherry tree. Some participants called it ‘eye opening’ and a ‘wonderful experience’. It turned out to be a lovely day with some wonderful people. Kasandra’s book “7 Simple Steps to Non-Toxic Gardening” details ways to build these connections at home in your day to day life and can be found here


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